Password Checkup, a new chrome extension for monitoring breached passwords

Written on February 7, 2019

Act before it’s too late

Google Password Checkup

Data breaches are very common these days. And you may have registered for a service provided by company which becomes a victim of data breach.

So there is a high chance that your account has been compromised in data breach. And consequences can be pretty scary.

So last time, we came up with an article that explains you about how to stay safe after a data breach has occurred.

Now, Google has released a new extension that tells you whether your email has been compromised or not.

What does the extension do

Extension Working

The Chrome extension with name Password Checkup has been made by Google to let users know whether their emails, username and passwords are compromised.

You need to login to your Google Account. This allows Google to check your data in databases of emails, usernames and passwords affected in data breaches.

Basically, it uploads sends your data to Google, then checks whether your data was part of breach and then reports you if any.

From there you can change password, use strong password, and enable two-factor authentication.

Is your data safe with Google

Google is a company which has your data and it has a big responsibility of managing it securely. And respecting users’ privacy.

And yes, your accounts’ logins, usernames and passwords are safe with this extension. At least better than other small companies.

Partial data is stored in your browser which is hashed and secure. Enough not to let anyone recreate complete information.

And you can clear extension data if you want to remove the the data with ‘Password Checkup’ in extension’s popup itself.

Learn more about it here.